Tuesday, June 18, 2002

here i sit alone in the dark
trying to trsut my mind
if only i could see that light in the dark
maybe then id have no place to hide.
but hiding is me, my life incomplete
i try to live, but i dont succeed
i follow the messenger of what has to be
darkness falls, overcoming me.
now once again i sit here alone
sharing my thoughts, dead is the phone
no power, no pride, no fear in my mind
i am the one who is lost in time.
ive been sitting here thinking about my last post. why am i being so dramatic? i mean life shouldnt be taken this seriously, right? where along the line did i give up and become just another slave...
life as i think about it seems less and less attractive. why is this? whats the point of life when most people think life is a joke? personally dont like jokes. personally i dont like life. i dont recall every actually asking to be born... so the question of the day for me is: why?